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2019 Monthly Calendar 3550
2019 Monthly Calendar 3550


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2019 Monthly Calendar 3550

2019 Monthly Calendar 3550
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Enjoy this unique monthly calendar Paper Moon Shop designs each year.  Each month has a one-of-a-kind graphic design making a stylish splash where ever it goes.  This easy to use calendar allows you to quickly look at dates when you are on your phone making appointments.  Each calendar measures 5 1/2"  x 5 1/2" and comes with a heavy weight hand painted wood block.  The block has a slit that you slide the individual month into.  Hint: a great gift for a new college student! 


Our Price:  $20.00  

Units:       per each

Approximate Shipping Time:
2 week lead time

Limited Quantities
There Are Currently:
17 Available

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