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Everyone can relate to the feeling that someone has taken the time to give a thoughtful gift. I'll never forget my 5th grade birthday present of a 45 single. The song on it was called "My Name is Zoom and I Live on the Moon". It incorporated my name in the lyrics and I proudly blared it to anyone that would listen. I played it so much that my brother memorized the song. Every year on my birthday, I can always count on a serenade from him. This gift ignited my passion for all things personalized.
I'm a wife, mother of two boys, runner, traveler, dog lover, and avid thank you note writer. When my children started having birthday parties, they were always excited to see what I had designed for their thank you notes. It was so easy to get them to say thanks with their own personalized cards. I received rave reviews for not only the fact that the boys had written a thank you note, but for the cute designs.
After several years of gift giving, I was encouraged by friends, family and countless "ohhs" and "ahhs" to start a business...
and Paper Moon Shop was born.
Paper Moon Shop was mentioned on My Sweet Savannah. Check out the wonderful article Melaine Thompson created about Paper Moon Shop.
Paper Moon Shop was mentioned in Portland Pics. Here is what they said about Paper Moon Shop!

"What do we want? Local, earth-friendly, lovely gifts. Where do we find them? Paper Moon Shop, of course! Whimsical stationery and gifts abound—for birthday parties, graduations, baby showers, teacher gifts, Mother’s Day, and for Y-O-U. Shop happily for personalized gifts—from a locally owned business. L-O-V-E."

- Portland Picks

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